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Teeth Whitening

Tooth Whitening For Life

[Our office is a general & cosmetic dental practice. We perform more services than are listed as topics under the main heading for this portion of our website. Please click on, “Services” above for a more complete list of the wide variety of help, for you, which we provide.]

Your smile is important to your self-confidence and how the world sees you. A bright, beautiful smile is a wonderful asset to possess.  However, over time, the natural aging process and your lifestyle can lead to discoloration of your teeth.

Smiles of Skokie uses a variety of state of the art teeth whitening systems.

Teeth WhiteningYour best option for whitening your teeth is a home tray whitening system. This system uses thin plastic shells (or “trays”) which fit tightly but comfortably on the teeth .  The trays hold whitening gel in place which allow efficient teeth whitening.  We select the most appropriate gel equally for both your comfort and effective whitening.  This is a prescription-strength whitening technique which results in a whiter smile giving you greater confidence!  Please note these trays do fit much tighter than any over-the-counter tooth whitening kit you can purchase and we therefore need laboratory time to fabricate your custom trays. 

The one hour treatment provides dramatic whitening in a little over an hour. When followed up with the proper toothpaste the whitening can last much longer.

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