Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening for life, general and cosmetic dental servicesSmiles of Skokie uses a variety of state of the art teeth whitening systems! Your smile is important to your self-confidence and how the world sees you. However, over time, the natural aging process and your lifestyle can lead to discoloration of your teeth.

Your best option for teeth whitening is a home tray whitening system. This system uses thin plastic shells (or “trays”) which fit tightly but comfortably on the teeth. The trays hold whitening gel in place which allow efficient treatment.  We select the most appropriate gel equally for both your comfort and effective whitening.


teeth whitening for life, general and cosmetic dental servicesCompared to over-the-counter kits, this is a prescription-strength whitening technique. We fabricate custom trays that fit your smile snugly. You’ll get a whiter smile and greater confidence! It’s a little extra time to get started but we think it’s worth it!

The one hour treatment per day provides dramatic whitening. When followed up with the proper toothpaste the whitening can last much longer.

To learn more about how teeth whitening can benefit you, please call our offices at 847-675-3002 to schedule a consultation.