Night Guards

Night Guard, general and cosmetic dental servicesWe offer two types of oral night guards. The NTI is designed to help relax overactive muscles and relieve headaches. The other is a simple shell which fits over only the upper or lower teeth. It is made to be very thin and comfortable.

Do you experience migraines or other headaches at night? Muscle soreness (or disturb your partner) with night time grinding, also called bruxism? Find that your teeth are wearing out? Recently find broken or chipped teeth? If you do, then a night guard may very helpful.

NTI: The NTI Tension Suppression System is a night guard that can help with more serious jaw problems and grinding habits. This device helps reduce the intensity of jaw clenching and teeth grinding. It fits securely on your upper or lower front teeth while you sleep. With the night guard in place, it prevents the molar and canine teeth from touching during your sleep, which physiologically relaxes the jaw muscles.

The device consists of a custom fit, prefabricated, lexan matrix which is placed on your upper or lower teeth. Your own bite dictates the custom design of the NTI device. We have been using this wonderful device with great success for years. [It does not work for everyone.]


Please visit NTI, the developer of the night guard, for more information.


NGA shell: Is a night guard which is very thin, very comfortable and wear resistant. It is made to only cover either the upper or lower teeth. Usually it is made to cover the lower teeth which is more comfortable for most people.


Our jaw muscles are at a relaxed position when the upper and lower teeth are only separated by approximately 4mm [less than two tenths of an inch]. These simple and comfortable night guards usually last many years. They also act like orthodontic retainers and help prevent your teeth from shifting out of alignment. They are actually used by orthodontists as effective retainers quite often.


We make these devices in our office and the cost is very reasonable. An impression is needed and then a few days later the lab work is completed and the NGA is checked for fit and delivered.