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Inlays and Overlays

Inlays & Overlays

[Our office is a general & cosmetic dental practice. We perform more services than are listed as topics under the main heading for this portion of our website. Please click on, “Services” above for a more complete list of the wide variety of help, for you, which we provide.]

Crowns, inlays and overlays are much stronger than filling material and achieve both esthetic and functional results in restoring discolored posterior teeth. These restorations are made of materials which are much stronger than material which can be used as fillings and directly placed in our mouths.

Thus, They are the best replacements for over-sized older silver or white fillings. Silver amalgam fillings make teeth appear gray and old as they leach gray residue into the surrounding tooth structure. White filling, bonded material tends to chip and discolor overtime if they are used to replace too much missing or damaged tooth structure. On the other hand, inlays and overlays are extremely strong, long lasting and protect the tooth against further fracture. Almost all gold and silver fillings can be replaced by inlays and made to match your natural tooth color.

Your ‘permanent’ restorations should never be cemented, but they should be BONDED to place. Conventional cements [used traditionally in dentistry] leak away over time. The latest research on bonding materials shows that they are very insoluble and will not leak away to any significant extent for 2 to 3 lifetimes. Bonding helps strengthen your teeth. Bonding material bonds the filling to your tooth but also bonds and reinforces weakened tooth structure.

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