State of the Art Dental Equipment

low radiation xray smiles of skokie

Lowest Radiation X-Ray System. Our system uses only a third of the radiation dosage of typical digital x-rays. Truly amazing! We were using the most sensitive x-ray film and a conventional, computerized digital x-ray system. By switching to phosphor sensor plates we reduced the radiation exposure to our patients by two thirds!!!

We have modernized our panoramic x-ray equipment with the Gendex Orthoralix machine. In combination with our Air Techniques ScanX we obtain excellent radiographic images at a very low radiation dosage.

We have been using digital radiography since April 20th, 2001. Computerized x-rays allow all of us to view the images within seconds. This is great for emergencies.

laser cavity detection smiles of skokieLaser Cavity Detection. The Diagnodent Cavity detection system is a new and valuable tool to help find tooth decay. We use the Diagnodent Laser Cavity Detection Device, which provides accurate, independent verification of suspected dental defects. The Diagnodent uses a small laser to detect decay on the surfaces of teeth. When the sensor detects decay it responds. The higher the number and the louder the signal, the greater the likelihood of decay. We can catch your cavities at an earlier stage and treat them much more comfortably because they will be much smaller. Our Diagnodent helps us to save more of your tooth from being destroyed by decay. We can detect decay many months sooner compared to without this device. Small areas of decay enlarge very slowly as they start then, when a critical size is reached, the decay process speeds up greatly.

The Diagnodent laser illuminates enamel  [similar to a laser pointer] and decay “fluoresces” [emits light]. A sensor evaluates the light emitted by the decay, and a digital readout of the amount of light matching the light given off by decay is then displayed.

Today teeth have extremely strong enamel. Fluoride affects the tooth surfaces making enamel much more resistant to decay and stronger. Enamel which has decay below it does not chip away to expose the decay as easily as it did before fluoride was used as much as it is used today. Pin point openings can be a pathway for decay to enter a tooth and be so small that they cannot be detected by the doctor without this special equipment.

drill free cavity cleaning smiles of skokieDrill Free Cavity Cleaning. We can remove decay from smaller cavities without drilling. This system allows us to remove decay, shape teeth, and prepare surfaces ideally for bonded restorations. It also allows us to ideally clean and roughen surfaces for bonding crowns and bridges, as well as denture repairs.

laser gum disease treatment smile of skokieLaser Gum Disease Treatment. If you have mild to moderate gum disease we can treat it effectively with laser surgery. There is no scalpel or stitches with this type of surgery.

You can have deep pockets treated without cutting gum away. You will not need to have sutures with this cut-free treatment. This device allows us to perform surgical treatment of gum disease, treat ulcers and do other soft tissue treatment without a scalpel.

plasma arc curing light smiles of skokiePlasma Arc Curing Light. We can cure restorations and veneers much faster with our state of the art curing lights. These very high intensity lights have many uses in dentistry. We use them to rapidly cure extremely strong, extremely thin, bonded porcelain veneers. We also use them to cure large conventionally bonded restorations. They are also an excellent adjunct for teeth whitening.

root canal treatment smiles of skokieRoot Canal Apex Locator. This is a device which allows us to do better root canal treatment with fewer x-rays. It is extremely useful, fast and allows for better, easier treatment. There is no distortion or interpretation involved with this instrument. It has been shown to provide better treatment due to the anatomic variability of roots and the inaccurate treatment when x-rays are used without this device.

Endodontic Activator. We use this instrument to enhance our results with our root canal treatments. It increases the effectiveness of the 3 cleaning agents we use for every root canal we do for our dental family members. We use the best materials and techniques we can find for our patients!

High Speed Electric Handpiece. You will experience faster and easier shaping of teeth for larger restorations with this equipment.  This system replaces the noisy, air turbine system for this treatment. It is smoother and more comfortable to use. This results in faster, easier shaping of teeth for both the doctor and the patient.

VELscope Oral Cancer Detection Device. This device is a wonderful adjunct to a good oral examination. It helps us to detect signs and symptoms of oral cancer very early which is key to minimizing the impact of this horrific, disfiguring and many times fatal disease. Early detection is considered to be extremely important by all professionals in the medical and dental professions who are familiar with this disease. Our hygienist, Michelle, is very adept and experienced in using this sophisticated equipment.

Monet Laser curing. This extremely powerful curing light is very helpful. It will cure our many light cured restoratives in 3 seconds vs. 20 seconds for a high intensity LED curing light. It will also cure more effectively than other systems.

Heron Intraoral Optical Scanner. This allows us to eliminate the need for doughy impressions to be made in your mouth in many situations. The laboratory then has an extremely accurate digital replica of the necessary areas of your mouth to fabricate restorations, allowing crowns and other restorations to be made without the need for mouths full of doughy impression material.

Improved bonding materials and techniques. We are always updating to the best materials available. These materials are constantly changing. Ask us and we will be happy to tell you the improvements to the materials and techniques we are currently using to help keep you as healthy as possible and care for your problems as well as possible.