Dental Implants


dental implant


Loose and missing teeth present problems with eating and speaking. They can also be an embarassment in social situations. Implants can be the answer to these uncomfortable problems.

Dental implants are artificial root replacements providing a foundation for a variety of different types of solidly functioning replacement “teeth”. They are the most permanent and trouble free solution for replacing missing or diseased teeth. Most of our patients forget that they have dental implants because these teeth replacements feel and function almost identically the same as natural teeth.

Virtually all of our Dental Family members who have dental implants placed, tell us that tooth extractions are much more uncomfortable than having dental implants placed and they are happy they took advantage of this wonderful technology. [If you need this type of treatment, we would be happy to be of help to you and ensure that your treatment is done as well as possible!]

Dental implants are very flexible in their use. They can replace a single tooth, several missing teeth, or even all of the upper or lower teeth. They can also be used to secure removable bridges or dentures.

Dr. Dave has been restoring missing teeth with implants for many years. He uses only the best materials and techniques to do so. [There is a huge difference between providers and the materials and techniques they use!] All of our implant restorations are placed without using cement at the junction of the implant and the gum which eliminates one of the primary causes of implant failure. This is more difficult and time consuming, but worth the effort. We don’t charge any more of a fee for this outstanding procedure.

Single tooth replacement

dental implantA tooth replacement can be made immediately at times on dental implants, however it is usually best to wait for the healing bone to solidly adhere to the dental implant and stabilize it to have the best possibility for success. Usually while the dental implant is healing [often just under the gum] you don’t even feel or notice that the implant is there. When the time comes for replacing a single tooth, a crown is placed onto the dental implant with precision medical grade materials. These single tooth replacements are often matched to the neighboring teeth using computerized imaging technology.

Multiple missing teeth

dental implant fixed bridgeIn cases where several teeth are missing, a dental bridge may be necessary. Each missing tooth does NOT require an implant. 2 implants can be placed with as many as 4 teeth attached to them. For some people, as few as 4 dental implants are used to hold all of the upper or lower teeth. However, it is best to have at least one implant more than the absolute minimum when replacing a large number of teeth. Implants do occasionally fail after being placed and by having additional support [more than the bare minimum needed] the attached “teeth” can still stay in place with a solid foundation if an implant is lost, which avoids the cost and inconvenience of redoing the tooth replacements.

Stabilizing removable bridges & dentures

Due to neglect, disease or injury – many people have lost several or even most of their teeth. Dentures or removable bridges are then needed of some type. Dentures can be permanently anchored to dental implants, but this can result in food entrapment and difficulty for the user to maintain these teeth and keep their mouth clean. It is a better option to have a button and snap like attachment system to secure dentures onto dental implants. This allows the user maximum comfort and function with a stable set of teeth, that actually move less than natural teeth, but are removable to clean very easily. Dr. Dave has done many of these types of restorations and even modified existing dentures to be secured by a button and snap like system to implants.Many of our Dental Family have had existing dentures which are not comfortable, or stable, and they have had them secured much better and more comfortably by having a button and snap system securing them to implants.

Please Keep in Mind

Unfortunately not everyone can have dental implants for missing teeth replacement anchorage. This is true when there is an underlying bone disease of simply a lack of enough bone. There may simply not be enough strong bone to properly hold the implants. We may need to consult with your physician to make this determination.

Nothing is 100% successful and this includes dental implant treatment. However the success rate is in the area of 98% and with our attention to detail, and your careful oral hygiene, we can be pretty well assured that this treatment will be successful for you!

Dr. Dave would be happy to carefully explore your options if dental implants or other complex dentistry is of interest to you, or not. He loves taking care of all of his Dental Family from coaching you to the best individualized dental home care regimen for your optimal health; to providing the best comprehensive restorative treatment possible for you. We would be happy to help you!