Badly Broken Down Teeth

If your tooth is badly broken down a filling won’t work long term. Teeth that are badly weakened and fillings that are too large fracture easily with moderate chewing pressure. To rebuild broken teeth, stronger materials are needed which are then best bonded to the remaining healthy, solid tooth structure. Crowns, inlays and overlays will last much longer than a large filling. If the nerve of the tooth is damaged, it will probably need a root canal, a rebuilt foundation and a crown.

You want restorations that will last and Dr. Dave wants his treatment to stand up to the Broken Teeth, general and cosmetic dental servicestest of time. We want to do one treatment procedure and do it as well as possible with the best materials and techniques to give our results the best possible chance to last the longest period of time possible. This is the goal or your team at Smiles of Skokie.

In addition to fillings, crowns, bridges and veneers, Smiles of Skokie also offers new and revolutionary techniques in tooth restoration. Implants are a very valuable option helping in many situations. Implants are considered to be the longest lasting, best and most comfortable tooth replacement available today.

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