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Sleep Problems? Medicine & Dentistry team up to help.

If you have a problem with sleep and have had medical treatment for that problem, or have not yet had any help with it, dental devices can be used to make your medical management of sleep problems much easier and more effective. I have been working with a number of physicians to help patients with sleep problems. I have had some patients come to me from outside of my practice for dental help with their problem and others already in our ‘dental family’ who I have referred to an MD for sleep problems. Patients needing dental help for a medical problem always need to see a physician who will then prescribe a dental, “Mandibular Advancement Device” if needed. This is a medical problem which can be helped via a dental device.

The best treatment for sleep problems is now trending toward a multidisciplinary approach. CPAP devices and dental devices can work together to manage a sleep problem much better than either device can when used alone.

I am going to be more attuned to these problems in the future. There are studies which show that 15-20% of accidents while driving on our roads are due to sleep deprivation affecting driving skills. Many medical problems are related to sleep deprivation and are more severe in those of us who don’t sleep well.

Good sleep is essential to good health.

If you, a friend or a loved one is having a sleep problem, please get help. I would be happy to do a screening and give my opinion as to whether a referral to a medical sleep specialist might be a good idea. Children can have sleep problems also.

Dr. Dave McWhinnie

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