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Flossing made easier.

Flossing can be challenging but fortunately practice and some aids may make all of the difference for you. I particularly like the bent ‘Y’ type of floss handle which can make flossing the back teeth in particular much easier. If you want to use this device [we have them at our office for purchase], please follow the directions. The floss should only wrap around the button one time before threading it across the Y fork and then several times after it is across the fork.

One caution though, try to avoid pressing the gumĀ in between the teeth down on the bottom teeth and up on the upper teeth with bulky between the teeth brushes. The gum can be flattened too much and, if the gum doesn’t fill the spaces between the teeth well, then you are likely to have food fill those spaces. Food collecting between the teeth is not good. Let me know what you think of the following link.

My best to you and yours always!

Dr. Dave

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