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Regular dental “Check-ups” save time and money.

The other day we had patients who needed 4 crowns. We are also doing a number of other major treatment procedures, recently. It seems too many people are not coming in for preventive treatment and early diagnosis of minor, undetectable [by the patient] problems, which is resulting in the need for more major treatment later.

Our poor economy is hard on many of us, and many people having financial difficulty. If you are in this situation, you may need to cut back on some non-essential expenses, but your health must be maintained or you are going to be paying more and spending more time in the long run. This is particularly true with your oral health.

Small problems in dentistry quite often progress to become major problems if not found in early stages. See your dentist at least once a year and it will save you the need for major treatment and save you money. This is frustrating for those of us who are focusing on keeping our ‘Dental Family’ healthy!

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My professional purpose is to help you with your oral health.

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Hopefully all of us will be doing better soon.

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