Welcome to Smiles of Skokie

We are welcoming new patients to our Dental Family. See for yourself how we love to help you with your health and appearance. We promise to live up to your expectations!

We have the safest environment possible! When we are caring for our Dental Family, we are using our advanced office space UVC and HEPA air treatment systems, as well as “Neutral Electrolyzed” [NE] water fogging of our treatment rooms between patients. [Please see hocldisinfect.com for more information.] We want to minimize your chance of even catching a head cold while visiting us! We will continue to use our rare and extremely effective non-toxic NE water fogging systems [we have 2 of them] to keep our office environment as healthy as possible!

For first time patients we offer a “Whitening For Life” or a first exam with x-rays and a consultation for $99. Call us at 847-675-3002 to schedule an appointment.

Join our Dental Family

With advances in cosmetic dentistry and dental technology, we can bring you a natural, warm and beautiful smile.  You can have the smile you’ve always wanted and wished for as a member of our Dental Family! We strive to provide the best, most gentle treatment for our patients.  Most of all, every team member at Smiles of Skokie takes pride in providing you the best dental care for you, your friends and families in the most caring manner possible.

If you are a member of our Dental Family, thank you for coming back year after year and referring your friends and family to us. It’s the greatest compliment you can pay us.

For those of us who don’t have dental benefits from an outside source, we offer our Dental Savings Plan.

Advanced General Dentist & Cosmetic Dentist Services

We offer advanced dental care for each Dental Family member according to their wants and needs.  In addition, we use state-of-the-art proven equipment in our minimally invasive and gentle procedures including:

Repairing Badly broken down teeth with beautiful bonded restorations

Teeth whitening services that are very effective and long lasting

Porcelain veneers and bonding to close gaps and repair misshaped teeth

Straighten Your Teeth without braces or wires using ClearCorrect™ and Ortho-tain™ dental appliances where possible

Filling materials made of the latest technology to repair decay or broken or misshaped teeth

Night guards to relieve headaches, migraines, soreness as well as minimize worn, broken and chipped teeth

Snoring and Sleep apnea treatment in conjunction with medical professionals